Mittwoch, 13. November 2013

Projekt zum Mitmachen - Schneeball

La bola de nieve


Travelling with a working group to Canada to make a big snowball and shoot a video of the whole process.

The snowball  is an allegory of the Canadian winter and of the country’s landscape; A vast territory where man is the exception. Juan Carlos Bracho intents, for a second time, to travel to Canada and to create an enormous snowball, an endeavor that at first seems preposterous but aims towards analysis and reflection of the processes of creation and the power of transformation of dreams and ideas.

The snowball is a project inspired in adventure, characters and scenarios symbolizing seduction and magic of the possible or impossible, journey. The journey claiming the value of the experience, chance, mistakes and failure as part of the living experience.

The snowball is an open chronicle in which reality, fiction, and collective work are mixed up in equal parts. An inclusive project regained several times along the past years and that has grown from an initial failure, and whose next stage intend to carry out with your help.

As The snowball  is a collaborative project, Bracho’s ideal funding will be through crowdfunding. Every little contribution becoming a grain of sand as a bit of snow helping to grown the big snowball.

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