Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

1024 Kisses are done / Kiss-Collection is finished

Kiss-Collection is finished 
On Wednesday, 25th of september I got the 1024th kiss. 

I choose to take 1024 because it´s the result of 2 in the power of ten. It belongs to the "Power of two numbers" and is also well known in computer science, as 1024 bytes make one gigabyte, and 1024 gigabyte make one terabyte.The term "Power of two" fits the topic of kissing, as usually two people have to work together in order to do a kiss.

Thank you very much, for participating


  1. congrats, sweetheart, am proud of you :)

  2. Supa Hannah, ich bin ganz begeistert von deinem Weg!! Ich kann mir vorstellen, woher du den Input zu 1024 bekommen hast, aber würde gerne wissen, ob ich richtig liege =) beijos Karin-Rosa


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